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Some Things I Believe

My writing class assignment asked me to create a “Passion Profile”.  As there are so many things I am passionate about, I was challenged!

I refined the profile for my class to what I hope to write about, as this blog grows and develops–and as I integrate my values more deeply into my life, one step, one habit, one ritual at a time.

Here is the list I came up with this morning:

I believe we can discover a new sense of identity, find our passion, and re-imagine our lives–as well as support the healing of loss or trauma by:

1) Practicing mindfulness meditation and yoga.

2) Writing from the heart.

3) Having at least one safe, compassionate person to attune/resonate with, who can assist us in integrating healing insights and change.  (If we have been traumatized, this person should be a mental health professional who is an expert in healing trauma).

4) Taking ourselves out of any existing traumatic situation to a place of safety.

5) Practicing self care and self compassion.

6) Connecting with and helping others.

7) Pursuing an art form/creativity.

8) Discovering/developing a passionate life pursuit/hobby.

9) Developing insight.

10) Cultivating new habits, one at a time.

11) Discovering the unconscious patterns that keep us stuck.

12) Cultivating healthy boundaries.

13) Utilizing the new research into the Mind and the Brain, which shows that our brains are “plastic” and can be re-wired.

14) Pursuing travel as a path of introspection, adventure, expansion of our horizons, and development of self confidence.

15) Connecting deeply with nature.

16) Loving and caring for an animal companion.

Comment flow:

What do you believe about re-imaging your life,

Discovering your passion,

Healing from loss or trauma?


Mara Rose

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Disclaimer:  This blog is written for educational and inspirational purposes only, and should not replace competent medical or mental health care.


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We sat in the glorious afternoon sunshine at a sidewalk table outside Chipotle, my lovely German Sheperd puppy and I.  Izzy had her usual bowl of rice and pork.  I sipped a Margarita with my tacos.

Izzy’s beautiful kind eyes and inquisitive puppy face draw people in–anyone who has ever been “owned” by a German Sheperd wants to meet her.  She is adorable.

A woman stopped to greet us and we fell into conversation.  She has a Sheperd very much like Izzy.

We connected as we shared the deep joy our dogs bring us.  The comfort and sense of safety.

Our dogs came into our lives as we faced the aftermath of violation and trauma.

We created a beautiful moment of connection and healing, trusting our stories to the safe container of shared experience, empathy, and non-judgment.

Our human brains are hard-wired to connect with others.  And yet, so often in our hectic lives, we neither listen, nor are we heard.  We don’t truly see each other.  We rush through our days defended and defensive, judging and being judged.  Our hearts closed.

We all want to be heard, to be accepted for who we are.  And yet, to be heard, we also need to listen.  To quietly offer our Presence without trying to advise, judge, or fix the other person.

I am challenging myself to cultivate better habits of listening, to open my heart more and more.  To become more Present.  Will you join me?


Mara Rose

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