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The languorous warmth of Indian Summer.

Autumn crisp evening air, seductive with possibility.

Fields of sunflowers.

Rows of freshly mown hay, curing in the sun.

Lush, almost-purple heirloom tomatoes, layered into ricotta and leaves of fragrant basil, drizzled with balsamic vinegar and extra-virgin olive oil.

Corn on the cob and fresh-caught salmon, grilled to perfection.

The Light, glowing soft and hazy.  Luminous.

The preciousness of warm, sun-lit days.  Reveling in each moment, as Summer bids farewell.

The excitement of those who are returning to school.

Making changes, moving on.  Difficult decisions to finalize before the rain sets in.

The ebb and flow of Life, framed naturally by the Seasons.

Clarity.  Energy.  Movement.

A time for new projects and refreshed motivation.

For you who are curious about meditation, or would appreciate support as you start your own meditation practice, I am planning a series of posts about how to begin meditation….

How you can ease into meditation, making meditation a beloved habit, a  ritual, an essential part of your daily routine.

We’ll also explore the many benefits of regular meditation practice–for your physical and mental well-being.

Many great tips and resources, coming soon!

I hope you’ll join me.

This blog will soon migrate to a new platform.  There is nothing you need to do–you will be automatically be redirected to the new site, MaraRose.com, when it is complete.

Stay tuned!

And, thank you so much, every one of you, for your kind support and warm encouragement.

Much Love,

Mara Rose

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*Photo of fresh garden produce, courtesy of  M., the best farrier ever.


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Many thanks to our awesome and gracious host, Chris Guillebeau, for making #World Domination Summit a truly fabulous event.

I began the weekend thinking I would find ideas for something I might Do.

Instead, I discovered paths to deeper and more authentic Being.

Every speaker was riveting.  Some highlights for those of you unable to attend:

Pam Slim, Escape From Cubicle Nation, spoke of “the power within each of us”, reminding us of “the beauty of who we are”.  Pam used the four elements–Air, Water, Earth, and Fire–as metaphors for the individual strengths each of us brings to our community.   Pam stressed that we not forget protection, grounding ourselves in our physical bodies, rooting ourselves in love.

Leo Babauta told us how he once felt hopeless, helpless, and worthless–and failed many times to change his life–until he learned the mechanism of how habits are formed, and began by making one small change at a time.  He started by quitting smoking, and now writes Zen Habits, with over 200,000 subscribers.

Danielle LaPorte, White Hot Truth, on goals:  “How do you want to feel when you get there?  What do you have to do everyday to generate those feelings?  This puts you in the driver’s seat….Start radiating.”

Sufi Master Mark Silver, Heart of Business, opened and connected 500 hearts.  He said, “We are nothing, all comes from Source.  Our best work comes through us….Be a vessel”.

Karen Walrond, The Beauty of Different, described “Creating your own story”, as she held us spellbound with her warm humanity and striking photography.  “Making comparisons is a colossal waste of time.  When I compare myself to someone else, I am comparing my insides to their outsides”.  She suggested we “Curate” our lives.  “We don’t age because time passes.  We age because we stop looking for the wonderful”.

Jonathan Fields spoke about the research behind his upcoming book, “Uncertainty“.  He said, “The greatest creators are capable of consistent action in the face of uncertainty”.  He talked about how “our brains are wired to avoid being wrong and then being judged”.  He said when we want to create something, but know how it will turn out, it’s been done already.  Doing “great work”, and creating something new, is uncomfortable.  He talked about the role of ritual in the creative process, “leaning into fear and anxiety” and “creating certainty anchors to allow creative space”, practicing meditation and mindfulness to open up creativity.

I am so looking forward to Jonathan’s book.

A truly inspirational weekend.  “But worthless, if you don’t do something….Act on it in the next 30 days.  Take one significant action, and see what happens” ~ Jonathan Fields.

I’ve been doing just that, diving deep into change for the past 30 days, as new and good paths open.


Mara Rose

Here is Chris on the event he totally rocked: The Heart Attack of Awesome.

And the link to Chris’s Flickr master photos of #WDS:  Chris Guillebeau Flickr feed.

More on #WDS:  Bindu Wiles, World Domination Summit Roundup, and her WDS Photos.

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