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I love iPhone photography.  My iPhone is the camera that is always in my pocket.  When I am lost in stress or a funk, whipping out my iPhone to capture a moment is a great way to find my way back.

My favorite new photo app is Instagram.  Simple, easy-peasy, and you can link all your contacts, friends, and Twitter to your Instagram feed.  And the app and service are free!  Tweaking the color saturation is fun, and I love seeing the great creative photos other photographers post.

BTW, World Domination Summit was beyond fabulous!  YAY!  A true life-altering experience, which I am yet integrating.  I am working on the post I promised you, coming soon.  For now, I will say–I signed up for #WDS with the thought I might find something to Do.  I came away with a deep experience of Being.

Back to Instagram–Below are a few pictures that I have been playing with:

Comment flow:  What are your favorite phone photography apps?


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Weekend of Bliss–#WDS

  Follow Your Bliss….   Joseph Campbell

At the last minute, I had the great good fortune to score a ticket to The Art of Non Conformity’s awesome and amazing World Domination Summit in Portland, Oregon.  YAY!!!

I am so excited about meeting new friends and spending the weekend surrounded by creative, adventurous people who live outside the box and follow their dreams.

I know I will have much to share with you about the experience.  Stay tuned!

Comment Flow….

Will any of you be at the World Domination Summit?  If not, have you plans for an adventure in the coming weeks?

Photos:  Lobby at Urban Farmer, the Nines Hotel,

and The Park Blocks in Autumn,

Portland, Oregon.

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